Abasha Waterfall

Abasha Waterfall

If you visit Samegrelo, specifically Abasha Municipality, be sure to visit the beautiful natural wonder of Abasha Waterfall, located just 5 km from the village of Baldi, at an altitude of 895 meters above sea level.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

The waterfall cascades from a height of about 40 meters over the chalky limestone hill of the upper reaches of the Abasha River, forming a hole with a diameter of 12 meters. The water foams majestically, as the drops reflect all colors of the rainbow.

To the right of the main waterfall there are two smaller ones, and a 200-meter-high limestone cliff overlooking all three of them.

The area around Abasha Waterfall is mostly covered with dense forest where you will definitely come across thick bunches of boxwood. Keep in mind that walking between them can be treacherous!

Not far from Abasha Waterfall is Rachkha Waterfall, with abundant outlets of karst waters.

On the way to the waterfalls, you will also come across Jorlku Cave, adding further to the unforgettable memories of your trip to Georgia.

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