Adishi to Iprari – A Hiking Trail in Svaneti

There is no better way to discover the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains and Upper Svaneti than to spend a few days hiking through this breathtaking region. The hiking trail from Adishi to Iprari is a fantastic way to see the region, including the isolated and gorgeous village of Mestia.

Distance, Time, and Difficulty of the Hiking Trail

Your hike begins at 2,040 metres above sea level in Adishi Village. The first five and a half kilometres is a relatively flat and sedate stretch, but this all changes when you reach the river before Chkhutnieri Pass. With no bridge or obvious place to ford the river, you’ll want to be careful as you cross, with many opting to pay a local to help them cross on horseback.

Your reward for completing this crossing is a breathtaking view of the Adishi Valley Glacier, the first of many sights that make the hike worth it.

From here, it is a steep climb towards Chkhutnieri Pass. Chkhutnieri is prone to avalanches and can only be crossed from the end of June, but the arduous climb is well worth it. There are few better views of the peaks of Tetnuldi, Shkhara, Zhangha, and Rustaveli.

With the pass behind you, the path once again flattens out, making it fairly easy to quickly reach Khalde Village. Here you can rest comfortably and then set out again for Iprari.

The entire trail is about seventeen kilometers and should take around two days.

The Environment around the Adishi to Iprari Trail and its Sights 

Before you begin your hike, you should pay a visit to the church in Adishi decorated with frescoes. This is bookended nicely by the 11th-century church in Iprari. 

So, if you’re looking to experience the unparalleled beauty of the Caucasus and Svaneti, this two-day hike is a dream come true.


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