Ajara Art Museum

Ajara Art Museum

In a city full of impressive architecture, it is impossible to miss the distinctively decorated facade of Ajara Art Museum, located in the center of Batumi. Decorated with unique frieze reliefs, the building itself was built in 1949, and from 1998 on, houses Ajara Art Museum.

Commissioned according to plans from the Georgian architect Kakha Javakhsivhili and decorated with its signature friezes in 1951 and 1952 by the renowned sculptor Tamar Abakelia, the museum displays more than four hundred works of art. 

In the museum, you will find paintings by famous Georgian and foreign artists, works of graphic design, ceramics, sculpture, and works in wood, glass, metal, and tapestry.

Notable works within the museum include “Nymph and a Little Faun” by the Italian sculptor E. Pantareli, which dates back to the 1850s and once graced Batumi Boulevard itself. The museum has also hosted exhibitions of the works of Pablo Picasso and Rinke Enhardt in the past.

A Sunday art studio and library for children also operates within the museum, putting on various educational programmes including costume plays and art classes.

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