Algeti Reservoir

Around 55 kilometers from Tbilisi in Kvemo Kartli region, in Tetritskaro municipality, near the village of Tbisi, there is a reservoir on the Algeti River, spanning 2.3 sq km.
Kvemo Kartli

In 2012, locals found a human skull near the Algeti Reservoir by accident. As a result of the scientific research that followed, it was determined that the skull belonged to a man under the age of 40, who probably lived here around the 5th-6th centuries AD. Further archeological excavations have uncovered a number of burial sites and settlements, giving rise to a reasonable assumption that there may have been a settlement on this territory in the Middle Ages.

The 4.2-km-long and 1.2-km-wide reservoir provides irrigation for the villages of Tbisi and Kumisi. In addition, it supplies drinking water to the villages of Koda, Marabda, Georgiashvili, Asureti, Borbalo, and several others. In 2007, six hectares of land were irrigated using water from this reservoir.

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