Arjevani Mountain

Arjevani Mountain

A 2759 meters high Arjevani mountain on the Trialeti ridge is located on the border of Gori and Tsalka municipalities, at the source of the Tedzami river.
Shida Kartli

Arjevani mountain nature and camping route 

Arjevani mountain is made up of mid-Eocene volcanic rocks. At the foot of the mountain, you will find beech forest, while the slopes are covered with alpine and subalpine meadows. Fresh mountain air and layers of mist accentuate the memorable scenery and help you to feel at one with nature. 

The forests offer plenty of opportunities for walking and camping. The mountain peaks are capped by snow all year round, regardless of the season, adding to Arjevani’s sense of magic.

You can start your trip from Kldekari in Kvemo Kartli, climb Arjevani mountain and then descend to Ateni valley. On the way down, don’t miss Klikis Jvari church, which dates back to the VIII-IX centuries.

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