Arkhoti Valley

Arkhoti Valley

Khevsureti has many sights to astonish you, but it's often said that one can't experience the full beauty of the region without visiting the Arkhoti Valley and its sky-high mountains.


Another beautiful sight of Georgia is Arkhot Valley, in Khevsureti. The valley is by the Arkhotitskal River (Asa), which starts from here and flows into the North Caucasus. There are three villages in Arkhot Valley: Chimgha, Akhieli and Amgha. These small, historic villages, distinguished by their authentic architecture, are located in a narrow valley and surrounded by exceptional beauty.

Arkhoti Road

The road to Arkhoti is quite difficult, and the reason for this is its geographical location - there are high mountains and passes that can be crossed only by off-road vehicle, horseback or foot.

The easiest way to the Arkhoti Valluy starts from the village of Roshki in Khevsureti. The height of the pass from this direction is almost 3,000 m and you can even see Ingushetia from this altitude. A dirt road will pass here and off-road tours are often organized to visit the valley. The second route starts from the village of Juti, in Kazbegi municipality and goes up to the pass the height of which reaches 3287 meters. The 13-kilometre section of this route can be covered only on foot or horseback and it's a great hiking option.

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