Ateni Sioni – Damchkeri Waterfall

Georgia is especially popular with hikers, who come to the country for the beauty of its untouched natural monuments and the diversity of its landscapes. For less experienced hikers looking to spend some time outdoors without the need for rigorous training, the hike to the Damchkeri Waterfall near Gori is an excellent choice. The hike takes you through an ancient forest, to the historic 7th-century Ateni Sioni church, and eventually brings you to a gorgeous waterfall with a lovely spot to enjoy a picnic next to it.
Shida Kartli

The Route from Ateni Sioni to Damchkeri Waterfall

The hike begins in the village of Ateni, approximately ten kilometres from the city of Gori. The hike proper begins at Ateni Sioni Church, passes through the woods and brings you to the waterfall at its conclusion.

Ateni Sioni

Ateni Sioni is one of Georgia’s most famous examples of medieval architecture. The 7th-century cross-domed church greatly resembles the more well-known Jvari Church in Mtskheta. Although its interior was repainted in the 11th century, you can still see traces of the original art on its walls.

The church is named for the Mother of God, with the frescoes primarily depicting scenes from her life.

Damchkeri Waterfall

From the church, you’ll follow the trail through the verdant valley along the left bank of the Tana River, eventually coming to Damchkeri Waterfall. You can have a picnic right next to it! The best season to visit the waterfall is spring, when it's getting a boost from the melting snow.

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