Atskuri Fortress

Atskuri Fortress

This remarkable structure, built 1,000 years ago on an inaccessible rocky crag, has been a faithful defender of the Borjomi Valley for centuries. The long history of the fortress encompasses the 11th to the 19th century, making it a must-see for military history enthusiasts.

Where is Atskuri Fortress? 

Atskuri Fortress is located near Atskuri Village, where it overlooks the Mtkvari River, by standing upon a craggy rock. The complex terrain of the sight has been exploited to the maximum during the extensive redevelopment of the fortress, therefore the fortress itself gained complex and unusual shapes.

The Architecture of Atskuri Fortress

A narrow tunnel connects the fortress to the edge of the Mtkvari River. This was not uncommon in fortifications at the time, which made use of such tunnels to access water during times of siege. Unusually, the structure’s tunnels were designed in such a way that even if the enemy did manage to find them, they would have a difficult time using them to seize the fortress.

Throughout its long and bloody history, Atskuri Fortress has been destroyed many times, both by earthquakes and by wars, but it has also been rebuilt many times due to its great strategic importance. This is evidenced by the many layers of construction preserved to this day within the fortress walls.

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