Baia Gallery

Baia Gallery

While Tbilisi’s many centuries of ancient history are unquestionably one of its main attractions, you can also find works of modern art and places where the old has been given new form. One such example of the city’s dynamism is a private gallery on Shardeni Street in the old town. This small pedestrian street was named after the 17th-century French writer and traveler Jean Chardin, and has long been a centre of cultural life in Tbilisi.

Tbilisi’s Oldest Private Gallery - Baia Gallery

Baia Gallery was opened under the name Orient in 1992 by art expert Baia Tsikoridze, but since 2000 it has borne the name of its founder. The gallery has hosted more than 300 exhibitions during its existence.

What Can You See at Baia Gallery?

Within the two-story gallery, you can see works of art from both modern Georgian artists and from Georgia’s past. Urban landscapes, primitivist canvases, paintings done with eastern motifs, Pop Art style posters, mountains, seas, ships, trees, people, cities, houses, well-lit windows… all of these and more are part of Baia’s world.

Day-to-Day at Baia Gallery

In addition to its more than three hundred exhibitions, Baia’s Gallery has also played host to auctions, presentations, publishing projects, and many other events.

The gallery’s employees are a font of knowledge when it comes to both famous and relatively unknown Georgian artists, and you can also purchase posters and informational booklets about modern Georgian art here.

The best part? Entry to Baia’s Gallery is free!

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