Bareti Lake

Bareti Lake

In Tsalka municipality, 20 minutes by car from the town of Tsalka, you can see one of the largest natural lakes in the region, Bareti Lake.
Kvemo Kartli

Location and Nature of Bareti Lake

The lake is located at 1,612 meters above sea level, while its surface area is approximately 100 hectares. It has no permanent tributary, and is fed by precipitation.

In terms of biodiversity, Bareti Lake is highly valued. According to an assessment of the Agency of Protected Areas of Georgia, Bareti Lake could soon become part of Algeti National Park and thus be included in ecotourism routes.

Bareti Lake is an attractive place for many species of birds, and it is seasonally abundant with waterfowl.

On the way to the lake, various stunning sights of Tsalka are passed such as Tsalka Canyon. Inside, there is St. George's Church, the path to which starts at the aforementioned Dashbashi Canyon. In addition, there is Tsalka Reservoir, the largest reservoir in Georgia in terms of surface area, and the town of Tsalka itself, which is ethnically diverse and has a distinctive cultural and social character.

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