Batumi Cathedral of The Mother of God

Batumi Cathedral of The Mother of God

Batumi is one of Georgia’s most popular tourist destinations, renowned for its Black Sea beaches, resorts and outstanding natural beauty. If you find yourself in the bustling city and in need of a little spiritual peace, then you should head to 51 Demetre Tavdadebuli Street, where the Batumi Cathedral of the Mother of God offers succor.

This triple-naved basilica stands on a tall foundation and is eye-catching for its unique architecture. The western and eastern axes of the church sport impressive pentagonal protuberances, while two tall bell towers stand watch on the eastern facade. 

This beautiful cathedral was built between 1897 and 1902 by the philanthropic Zubalashvili Brothers, whose mother had requested them to create a memorial for her soul. The brothers invited architects from Italy, who built the cathedral in a neo-Gothic style.

While originally a Catholic church, the Communist government repurposed it as an archive and later used as a high-voltage laboratory. In 1980, the cathedral was gifted to the Orthodox Church, and it was consecrated by Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II on May 16th, 1989. In commemoration of the event, as many as 5,000 locals were baptized as Orthodox Christians in Batumi

The church is now a cathedral of the Eparchy of Batumi and Lazeti (Lazistan), and in 2011 it was granted the status of a cultural heritage monument.


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