Batumi Catholic Church

Batumi Catholic Church

As you head down Gogebashvili Street in rainy Batumi, stop for a few minutes between the city center and the port, as a mystical, sharply geometrical-style building shrouded in mist grabs your attention.

The Batumi Church of the Holy Spirit is a prime example of Gothic architecture that was built at the end of the 20th century.

The building, with its massive stained-glass windows and bright interiors, reminds you of the modernist churches of Oscar Niemeyer, whose churches are abundant around South America, although this church was built by Catholic architects Gia Baghoshvili and Oleg Pataridze from Batumi.

The church was consecrated by the Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Catholic Church in the South Caucasus, Giuseppe Pasotto, and has functioned continuously since 2000. The ambassador from the Vatican often visits the church. 

Batumi is one of the most religiously and ethnically diverse cities. Here you will see a mosque, an Orthodox church, a synagogue, and a Catholic church side by side, showing the multicultural nature of the city.


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