Bgheri Cave Natural Monument

The Bgheri Karst Cave, located in Tskaltubo, is an unforgettable experience for those who love extreme adventures. The cave, near the village of Melouri in Tskaltubo Municipality, is 1,700 meters deep, with an area of 14,000 m2, and just 5,840 meters away from Prometheus Cave. 

How to Get to Bgheri Cave

The entrance to the cave is difficult to reach at 450 meters above sea level. The Bgheri Cave is the underground continuation of the Bgheristskali River, which flows even during droughts. It joins the streams coming from Melouri and Didghele Caves to the east.

What You Will See in Bgheri Cave

There is a gorgeous, 20-meter-high, underground waterfall inside the cave. To exit, you have to go down the waterfall on a rope, as you do so, you’ll spot underground lakes, stalactites, and stalagmites. Along the way down, you can also see calcite pillars, massive limestone boulders, gravitational deformations, and accumulated clay.

Entering the cave is only possible in the summer, during heavy droughts when the water level is very low. If you are fortunate enough to get to the cave, you’ll be able to see the full 200 meters of depth and the floor that is covered with fallen boulders.

Please note that for the trip to the cave, you must be accompanied by a certified guide and have special equipment. If you didn’t have proper training, participating in this speleological tour can be difficult and unsafe for you.

Please note that for a trip to the cave, it is mandatory to obtain permission from the administration of Imereti Caves Protected Areas.

There is no tourist infrastructure in the cave.


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