Bike Tour: Goderdzi Pass - Green Lake - Danisparauli

The Goderdzi Pass - Green Lake - Danisparauli Bike Tour is easy and anyone who loves riding bikes can do it. The total vertical elevation of the bike tour is 430 meters.
Goderdzi Resort

Information about the Bike Tour

The length of the bike tour is 15 kilometres and it is one of Ajara’s most beautiful routes. The area is outstanding for its diverse landscapes, beautiful nature, and scenery. The route mostly follows a dirt road, but you will encounter concrete here and there.

The tour starts at Goderdzi Pass and in the beginning heads towards Green Lake, which is one of the most popular sights of mountainous Ajara. This beautiful natural sight is located 2058 meters above sea level and worths spending your time.

From the lake, the route continues toward the village of Danisparauli and gradually starts to descend. Located at 1,520 meters above sea level, on the left bank of the Acharistskali River, there are many interesting things to see in this village with five hundred years of history, like a 200-year-old oven where bread used to be baked.

Danisparauli is the last stop on the bike tour. Here you can try delicious Ajarian dishes and take a good rest.

What to Keep in Mind

Before starting on the route, check again to see if you are properly equipped and that you have brought all the necessary items, spare parts, and a first aid kit.

The advisable period for taking the Goderdzi Pass - Green Lake - Danisparauli Bike Tour is from the second half of June until the first snow.

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