Bike Tour: Nikoloz Romanov's Trail (Likani – Lomismta Tourist Shelter)

The 11-kilometre-long Nikoloz Romanov's Trail bike tour is difficult and not recommended for beginner cyclists. The total elevation gain is 1,200 meters.

Information about the Bike Tour

The tour starts in the city of Borjomi, where you have to make a registration at the visitors centre of Borjom-Kharagauli National Park. Registration is free. Keep the passes with you, because you might need to provide them to the park rangers.

After completing that process, take a car to Likani valley. Follow the dirt road to the end until you see a sign in a field at the trailhead. Here you can park your car and start the trail.

The beautiful forest, technical turns, and rapid segments make the route very diverse. Here you can enjoy deciduous and coniferous forest massifs, which are especially beautiful in the fall. You may even catch sight of wild animals from afar. At one section of the path, there is a funny-looking skeleton of an old tractor, almost swallowed up by the ground.

The last point on the bike tour is the Lomismta tourist shelter (hut), where you can take a rest and have a bite before taking the same trail back to Borjomi.

What to Keep in Mind

It is essential to take the proper equipment on the route with you, such as a first-aid kit, water, and spare parts.

The best period to take the Nikoloz Romanov's Trail bike tour is from the first half of May until winter, only if there is no snow.


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