Bike Tour: Saskhori-Kvatakhevi Monastery-Saskhori

Georgia’s diverse landscape makes it an excellent destination for bike tours. A great example of this is the bike route that takes you from Saskhori Village in the Mtskheta Municipality to the Kvatakhevi Monastery, allowing you to discover new sights and leaving you with unforgettable impressions of the country’s beauty and history.

The Beginning of the Bike Tour – Saskhori Village

You will begin your tour in Saskhori Village, which can be reached from Tbilisi by car. The route lasts a full day, with the best time to go being between June and October.

Saskhori is located in the Nichbistskali River valley, at the base of Nichbisi Hill. There are a couple of historical monuments here, including the Virgin Mary Church and the hall-type Saint George church located 500 metres from the village.

Continuing the Bike Tour – Kvatakhevi Monastery

Once you’re ready to depart, you’ll head towards the Kaspi Municipality, in which the Kvatakhevi Monastery Complex stands. This complex is composed of a number of buildings, including the Dormition of the Mother of God church, walls, a tower, a refectory, a bell tower, and monks’ cells. The church has a cross-dome plan from the 12th-13th centuries.

At one time, this monastery was considered the main monastery of Kartli. According to legend, there is a small piece of the Virgin Mary’s clothing in the foundations of the church. There is also a holy relic of John the Baptist kept in the monastery complex, which is considered to be a holy object of special significance. 

Once you have finished exploring the complex, you can take the same route back to Saskhori Village, returning to Tbilisi from there.

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