Bike Tour: Stepantsminda - Gergeti - AltiHut - Toti - Stepantsminda

With the help of a certified guide, experienced skiers can embark on the Gergeti - Altihut - Meteo Station ski touring route in unmarked snow.


Start at the Gergeti Trinity Church, a beautiful church in Gergeti village 2,176 meters above sea level. The church dates back to the 14th century and is one of the most spectacular places in Kazbegi Municipality. The best views of the 5054-meter-high Kazbegi Mountain and Stepantsminda town open up from Gergeti.


Start the hike from the church parking place and follow the road along the classic route to Altihut. Altihut is an alpine hut sitting at 3,014 meters above sea level, near the first acclimatization point on the way to Kazbegi glacier. There is a hostel and cafe where visitors can rest, have a meal, and spend the night. After Altihut, the route continues for another 2 kilometers to the glacier.

Start descending without crossing over the glacier, in the direction of the starting point, and finish skiing at the Gergeti Trinity Church, where transport is awaiting. 

Starting point: 2,176 meters

Vertical distance: 1,110 meters

Highest point: 3,286 meters

Total distance: 7 kilometers 

What to Consider

Use an off-road vehicle to get to the starting point and ski this route from December to mid-May. If the Stepantsminda - Gergeti road is not clear, the tour will begin in Gergeti village, 1,900 meters above sea level.

Make sure to have the proper equipment including, ski touring skis, an avalanche safety bag, an avalanche transmitter, a shovel, a probe, and other essentials. 

You can stay in hotels and family hostels in Stepantsminda.

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