Bike Tour: Stepantsminda - Gergeti - Stepantsminda

The Stepantsminda - Gergeti - Stepantsminda bike tour is difficult and only recommended for experienced cyclists. The total elevation of the bike tour is 550 meters.

The tour starts in Stepantsminda and heads towards Gergeti Trinity Church. Cyclists are advised to take a car up there, to save their energy for the descent.

The route is one big, amazing panorama. On a technical level, this narrow, rocky path is 7.5 kilometers long and full of obstacles. 

Visually, the ride is stunning: Gergeti Trinity Church (Gergetis Sameba), which is perched on a hill high above Gergeti village, is one of the most iconic and most visited churches in Georgia. The scenery is magnificent, dominated by Kazbegi Mountain, which reaches up to 5,054 meters above sea level and is covered in snow throughout the whole year.

What to Keep in Mind

You should take the appropriate equipment, spare parts, a first-aid kit, and drinking water for the trip.

You can go on the Stepantsminda - Gergeti - Stepantsminda bike tour in any season, even in the winter, if there is no snow.


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