Bike Tour: Zhinvali Dam

Zhinvali Dam is located to the north of Zhinvali Village in the Dusheti Municipality, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in all of Georgia. If you enjoy bike tours, this place is a must-see for you, as you’ll discover new and exciting places on a day-long bike tour around the dam.

How to Get to Zhinvali Dam

Reaching Zhinvali Dam is relatively simple, with a direct road from Tbilisi bringing you to Shatili Turn, where you’ll trade your car for a bike for the remainder of your journey.

The turquoise water between the green rolling mountains makes for a spectacular view.

The dam itself is 75 metres deep and supplies half of the population of Tbilisi with their drinking water. Beautiful year round, Zhinvali Dam is a popular tourist attraction.

The Nature You Will See During the Bike Tour

Zhinvali Dam looks especially mystical during the winter, when the water level lowers and the 12th-century Church of the Holy Cross can be seen. This ancient holy site was flooded when the Zhinvali Hydrocomplex was built in 1985.

During your bike tour, you’ll also see one of the most recognizable monuments of Georgian architecture: the Ananuri Fortress Complex, where countless battles took place across the centuries. The complex dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

After you're back to where you started, you can rest and get a drive back to Tbilisi.

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