Biking along the Kakheti Wine Route

What is better than exploring the gorgeous wine region of Kakheti? Exploring it while also getting in shape! A cycling tour of the Kakheti Wine Route is the ultimate way to enjoy Georgia’s world-famous wine while also soaking in the sun and natural beauty of the Kakheti region. Best taken between April and October, there are a variety of routes to suit your level of fitness and ambition.

The Tbilisi - Sighnaghi - Dedoplistskaro Route

Starting in Tbilisi and making its way through Sighnaghi and to the quaint villages of Dedoplistskaro, this route is all about the journey.

Your first stop is the beautiful “city of love”, Sighnaghi. This is a city of cobblestone streets, colorful houses, and breathtaking views of the surrounding Alazani Valley. While in Sighnaghi, you can take some time to see Niko Pirosmani’s works in the Sighnaghi Museum,  before enjoying a wine degustation at Pheasant’s Tears Winery or Okro’s Winery located very close to it!

In the nearby village of Nukriani you’ll visit the wine cellar of Cherkeza’s Zedashe, which is famous for producing fantastic biodynamic Saperavi.

In the morning you can travel through the villages in Dedoplistskaro and around, where you will find several small family-owned wine cellars - Nino Meris Wine Cellar, Nasrashvili Family Winery and others. Then you’ll return to Sighnaghi and make your way to Gurjaani, where more good wine cellars are located.

For lovers of wine, beautiful landscapes, and art, this is the ideal route.

The Gurjaani - Telavi - Alaverdi Route

Whether you take this route on its own or add it to the end of your previous cycling adventure, the journey from Gurjaani to Telavi is an amazing day trip.

Your first stop after departing from Gurjaani will be Vazisubani Village, where one of Kakheti’s unique microzones is represented at Vazisubani Estate. After sampling these one-of-a-kind wines, you’ll press onto Tsinandali Village, where you’ll see a beautiful garden, an ancient wine cellar, and the unique wine library of Chavchavadze Palace. This was once the home of the influential Aleksandre Chavchavadze, who was the first to bring the technique of Western wine production to Georgia!

After paying your respects to one of Georgia’s most influential figures, you’ll set out for Telavi, stopping along the way in Kisiskhevi Village to visit Teleda Orgo, Togonidze Winery or Schuchmann Wines Chateau for a degustation. 

The route ends in Telavi, home of the only preserved royal palace in Georgia, as well as many other fascinating sights. In and around Telavi, there are many large and small wine cellars, including Marani Milorauli, Rostomaant Marani, Winery Rtoni, Ruispiri Biodynamic Vineyard, GWS, Mosmieri, and more.

For the culture lovers, you could also make the twenty-kilometre ride from Telavi out to the beautiful Alaverdi Monastery, where you can see the monastery’s vineyard, taste wine made by monks in the tasting room, and have lunch or dinner.

If you’re looking to get off the beaten track, drink amazing wine, and see a slice of Georgian history, this route is a good option.


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