Sighnaghi Museum

Sighnaghi Museum

If you are enthusiastic about ethnography and are interested in the life, traditions, and culture of historic Georgian tribes, you should visit the state museum in Sighnaghi in eastern Georgia.

What does Sighnaghi Museum have to offer? 

In the museum, 60,000 items are exhibited, among them archaeological exhibits.

Its ethnographic collection contains ancient textiles, copper and wooden utensils, various work tools, winemaking items, excellent samples of goldsmithing, musical instruments, and many other fascinating items.

The museum preserves about 2000 samples of numismatic material, such as coins minted by Queen Tamar, her son King Lasha-Giorgi, and King Heraclius (Erekle) II, as well as heraldic samples, and paper money.

An art gallery also operates in the museum, where you can see about 600 canvases and sculptures. A permanent exhibition of paintings by the genius self-taught Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani is a particular delight for visitors to enjoy.

A temporary exhibition hall also operates in Sighnaghi Museum, where exhibitions of foreign artists' works are often organized.

While walking in this enchanting town of Sighnagi, be sure to visit this museum where a variety of unforgettable impressions await.

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