Bioli Medical Wellness Resort

Bioli Medical Wellness Resort

A short forty-minute drive from Tbilisi brings you to paradise on earth. The Bioli Medical Wellness Resort, located in the Kojori Recreation Zone, promises a day of healing, relaxation, delicious food, and serene natural beauty.

What Makes Bioli Medical Wellness Resort So Special?

Bioli Resort boasts a variety of facilities designed for relaxation, all of which are complemented by the region’s sublime climate. The resort specializes in bespoke, science-based programs, phyto-baths, rejuvenating massages, and the use of healing herbs to improve metabolism and detoxify the body.

While at the resort, you’ll also have the opportunity to sample a range of healthy Georgian foods, drink delicious organic Qvevri wines, stay in cottages boasting panoramic views, and use electric vehicles to explore the width and breadth of the property.

Procedures at Bioli Medical Wellness Resort

The qualified medical professionals at Bioli make use of high-tech equipment to determine the state of your body and measure your stress level, all as part of the process of designing an individual program for you. This program will include physical exercise, spa and rejuvenation procedures, and a diet of healthy foods.

Once your therapeutic procedures are complete, you can unwind in the entertainment area by playing billiards, table tennis, chess, or backgammon while listening to music in the relaxing environment. You can also extend your treatment with herbal infusions or a little ‘wine therapy’.

For those wanting to do more while in the kojori region, the resort also has a tour desk to arrange additional activities as part of your stay.


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