If you take a winding road for sixteen kilometres southwest out of Tbilisi, you will end up in Kojori, an ancient resort which was once the summer residence of Georgian kings and is now known for its forest and its climate.
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What to see in Kojori?

Kojori is a resort for all seasons. In the summer, Tbilisi natives and tourists alike come here to escape the heat of the city, while in the winter it is popular for relaxation in its snow-covered environment. Surrounded by numerous historical monuments, Kojori offers an amazing view no matter the season.

Located about 1,400 meters above sea level, Kojori enjoys a mountain climate. The pine forest air is said to have healing properties, especially for respiratory diseases, such as what was experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Tbilisi swelters in the summer heat, Kojori enjoys an average temperature of around 17C during the month of August, making it a popular place for vacation homes and day trips.

Kojori sits atop a plateau offering gorgeous views over Lisi Lake, Kus Tba (Turtle Lake), Betania Resort, the mountains of Saguramo and the Greater Caucasus. A popular day hike of eleven kilometers brings you to Kojori Fortress, Kabeni Monastery, and the picturesque Kabeni Waterfall.

In addition to its enchanting natural beauty, Kojori is also home to a great many architectural monuments that played an important role in Georgian history.

The 11th-century Kojori Fortress (also known as Koroghli Fortress) held an important strategic location and has a long history of war. Also nearby are the 14th-century Kabeni Monastery, the 15th-century Forty Martyrs Church, the Udzo Monastery, and, farther south, the Gudelisi Mother of God Church.

Set against the backdrop of the Udzo and Azeula mountains, forest, and the region’s many waterfalls, a visit to Kojori is sure to boost your immune system and your mood.

So, what are you waiting for? Pull on a comfortable pair of shoes and head up the road to beautiful Kojori!

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