Birdwatching: Chachuna Managed Reserve

Chachuna Managed Reserve is located in the eastern region of Kakheti, in Dedoplistskaro municipality, 37 kilometers from the town of Dedoplistskaro. The area spreads over 5200 hectares and is rich in fauna, with 82 species of birds nesting here and 10 of them being included in the List of Endangered Species of Georgia.

Chachuna Ravines and Slopes 

 Colorful bee-eaters and rollers nest in the holes made in the clay walls of the Chachuna ravines, neighbored by the little owl and white-backed wheatear.

In the fantastically-shaped clay hills of Chachuna, which the locals call "Alesili," the crowing of the partridge is constantly heard, while tichodromas live in their own little habitats built on the rocks and made of clay.

In Chachuna, you will see the turtle dove, hawk, sparrow hawk, magpie, partridge, imperial eagle, vulture, phoenix, black vulture, and the beautiful black francolin.

Chachuna, like other semi-desert areas of Kakheti, is rich in reptiles too. The gyurza lives in this area - the only snake native to the Caucasus, with a potentially fatal bite. May is the mating season for this snake, and you should be especially careful around that time.

Important Information

Entering the territory of Chachuna and reaching good places for bird watching is possible without an off-road vehicle. Nevertheless, you should be wary of rain which can make the clay roads impassable for some vehicles. Thankfully, the area is generally dry, with only brief bursts of wet weather.

Birdwatchers can also observe birds in the vicinity of Dedoplistskaro before they reach Chachuna Managed Reserve. In this case, at least two full days would be needed for the tour.

There are several well-equipped cottages near the Dali Mountain Reservoir, where naturalists often spend the night, but in peak season - in May - there is always a shortage of places. Accordingly, many birdwatchers spend the night in guesthouses in Dedoplistskaro, and then head towards Chachuna early in the morning before returning in the evening.

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