Birdwatching in Chorokhi Delta During the Fall Bird Migration

During the entire fall season, the swampy delta of Chorokhi river, south of Batumi, becomes a refuge for migrating sparrows and waterfowls. This place is a must-see in September, as nowhere else in Georgia has recorded as many bird species. During the ongoing migration, the variety of species constantly changes.

Birds in Chorokhi Delta 

The Chorokhi Delta begins where Batumi Boulevard ends. From there, you can reach the starting point of the Chorokhi river following the seashore.

Before reaching the starting point, you come across several small lakes. At the banks covered with lichen, you’ll see species like herons and porzanas. If you are lucky, you might even spot Western swamphens. This blue and red-fronted bird no longer nests in Georgia and can only be seen during migrations.

When visiting the delta from the estuary, you encounter many incredible species. Still, exploring only the estuary is not enough. From Batumi, head toward Sarpi, cross the Chorokhi river bridge and go down to the right on foot or by car. Explore not only the banks but also the dense thickets where many small and large birds reside.

Important Information

Birdwatches take at least one full day. Book a hotel and spend the night close to Batumi.

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