Birdwatching: Springtime in Georgia's Semi-Deserts

The Vashlovani Nature Reserve and the surroundings of Chachuna are distinguished places for birdwatching to the southeast of Tbilisi and in the vicinity of Davit Gareji semi-desert. It is already a well-known place for keen birdwatchers around the whole world. Chachuna is especially popular, where the Dali artificial reservoir, the floodplain forest of the Ivri River, and the surrounding semiarid habitats have created an amazing diversity of fauna in a relatively small area. Amazing sights await you here all-year-round, but it is incomparable in spring.

Demoiselle Cranes

An exciting period for naturalists begins in April when demoiselle cranes are flying from Africa to Central Asia. Some can even be seen even at the end of March, but the most common time for these beautiful cranes to fly in Georgia is the middle of April.

Demoiselle cranes can be seen near Gareji on the salty desert lake, near Japaridze Lake, in Dedoplistskaro, or on the artificial reservoir of Taribani. In April, you will find them further away from the water, in open fields. 

Sylvia and Others

Many interesting birds of the semiarid zone return from warm countries in April, with sylvia being of great interest to birdwatchers, arriving sometimes at the end of March, with its chatter constantly heard in the tamarisk bushes. Migrant predators of the area - falcons and snake-eating eagles – return at this time as well. The eastern imperial eagles circle their nests even after winter.

Unlike such birds, many inhabitants of the semiarid landscape of Georgia do not fly anywhere. The main sound of the Ivri floodplains is the monotonous drone of the francolin. This beautiful bird has become rare in Georgia, but it can still be seen in Chachuna.

At the beginning of May, when the nightingale and pastor return to Chachuna, the birdlife is complete here, making it prime season for birdwatching, when all nesting birds can be seen.

Important Information 

In the spring, several tours are arranged for birdwatching, during which it is possible to spend the night in cottages located in Vashlovani Nature Reserve.

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