Black Rock Lake

Black Rock Lake

Black Rock Lake is on the border between Georgia and Russia, on the main watershed range of the Caucasus Mountains, in Kakheti. It is also known by the names “Grdzeli” and “Khelakheli”. The Black Rock Lake path is considered to be one of the most beautiful hiking routes in Georgia.

Black Rock Lake Tours

Black Rock Lake is a natural border between Georgia and Dagestan, and is best to visit in spring, summer, or fall. The lake is within Lagodekhi National Park and is fed by snow, rain, and underground waters.

Local guides recommend that you take a three-day tour, starting at the Visitor Center of Lagodekhi National Park. Once you pass through the beech forest and the pristine, mixed forest, you will find yourself in the subalpine zone, where you can spend the night in the tourist shelter called “Meteo”. On the second day, you will continue to the Kochala Ridge, climbing up to the alpine zone, and coming across ibex grazing grounds and small lakes and bogs from the ice age. After 15 kilometers you reach the amazing landscape of Black Rock Lake, spread out before your eyes, at 2,700 meters above sea level.

The Spectacular Nature Around Black Rock Lake

In addition to encountering beautiful views of the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains along the route, you may see more rare, hooved animals, in the wilderness, such as deer and chamois. You might also encounter birds, like snowcocks, eagles, black grouse, and more with an exceptional view of the mist in the river valleys.

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