Black Sea Jazz Festival

Taking place in the popular seaside resort of Batumi, the Black Sea Jazz Festival is a celebration of jazz music in all of its forms. Taking classical jazz and adding a unique seaside twist, the festival promises something unlike anything you’ll experience anywhere else in the world.

Classic jazz, soul, blues, punk, acid jazz, R&B, Brazilian rhythms, pop, and more have descended upon the city every summer since 2007. Legendary performers such as Lisa Stansfield, George Clinton, Robert Plant, Al Jarreau, Sergio Mendes, Quincy Jones, Chris Brown, Jamiroquai, Kool & the Gang, and Snoop Dogg have all shared the stage with local Georgian artists in this international celebration of jazz.

It may surprise you to learn that jazz has been popular in Georgia since the 1930s, with clubs and theaters catering to jazz fans gaining in popularity during the 60s. To this day, it remains hugely popular, with many discerning fans of jazz across the country. Don’t be surprised if your taxi driver has a playlist that has your toes tapping before the ride is done!

The Batumi Jazz Festival takes place over ten days each summer at the Batumi Tennis Courts. If your visit to Georgia happens to coincide with the festival, why not follow the advice of one of the all time greats, Louis Armstrong? 

“Listen to it and find out”.

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