Bodorma Complex – The Columns

Bodorma Complex – The Columns

Georgia’s landscape is rich in diverse, beautiful natural monuments, and at the Bodorma Complex, you’ll not only find mysterious caves, but also cliff columns sculpted by wind and rain over the millennia. For those fascinated by nature and geology, the columns at the Bodorma Complex are a must-see.

Where is the Bodorna Complex?

Located in the Dusheti Municipality, near the village of Bodorna, the cliff known locally as Tsotsola Cliff is home to this fascinating geological wonder. 

The cliff itself stands upon a tree-covered slope, and is fifteen metres tall, four metres around at its base, and gradually tapers upward. This is a two-room cave in the base of the column, including a storeroom.

Approximately 200 metres from the column, you can also visit the 12th-century Bodorna Virgin Mary Church.

Bodorna Village lies 46 kilometres from Tbilisi, making this a very achievable day trip from the capital.

The Historical Past of Bodorna Complex

It is believed that locals worshiped the Bodorna Column as a fertility symbol during the Pagan period. During the Christian period, in the 5th and 6th centuries, it may have been used as a living quarters for Christian ascetics. 

On the slopes surrounding this natural monument, visitors will also encounter numerous caves dug by human hands, which may have been used in the past as cult locations or as shelter. 

Much like the more famous Katskhi Pillar, the Bodorna Complex blurs the line between natural monument and historic site, making it a fascinating day trip.

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