Borjghalo Ethnographic Museum

Borjghalo Ethnographic Museum

Have you ever visited a museum that was built by a single person? A museum in which everything was made by just one set of hands? Well, the Borjghalo Ethnographic Museum can make that claim, having been constructed by one man: Kemal Turmanidze.

This unique space at Sharashidze St 14 in a small village Kakhaberi near Batumi is called Borjghalo after the Georgian symbol of Sun, and is home to such displays models of homes and agricultural buildings, carvings and handmade crafts, farm implements, mannequins dressed in handmade outfits, and even a nine-metre-tall natural waterfall!

You’ll wander paths past rolling Qvevris, wagon wheels hung from the walls of a log cabin, work tools, and even a mannequin of a woman working in her cozy home, all while listening to quaint Ajarian folk songs.

It is a unique and fascinating glimpse inside pastoral Ajarian life.

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