Chili Lake

Chili Lake

For those looking to escape into nature without having to drive for hours from Tbilisi, Chili Lake might be the place to go. Located near the village of Telovani in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region, this lovely place can even be reached by taking one of Tbilisi’s city buses.

What Will You See at Chili Lake?

Surrounded by a broadleaf forest through which you can hike, ride a bicycle, or enjoy a sun-dappled picnic lunch, Chili Lake is also a popular fishing destination, with carp season ranging from late April until the end of August.

A year-round destination, Chili Lake is especially popular in winter when its waters freeze over and you can walk on the ice. It makes for quite a beautiful sight.

How Do You Get to Chili Lake?

In good weather, it is possible to reach the lake using an offroad vehicle. Alternatively, you can take a city bus 443 from the Sopeli Dighomi neighborhood of Tbilisi and disembark at the last stop - Telovani village. From here, a six-kilometer walk brings you to the shores of the lake.

It is also possible to visit Didgori Mountain while at Chili Lake. A 3.3-kilometer hiking trail takes you to the mountain’s peak (1647 meters above sea level), affording you a breathtaking view of Tbilisi and its surroundings.

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