Chirukhi mountain

Chirukhi mountain

Travelers describe Chirukhi mountain as a masterpiece of nature wrapped in fog. It is located in the mountainous Ajara Region, Shuakhevi municipality, at 2050 meters above sea level, offering amazing views of the fields and lakes. Many attractions of Ajara can be seen from here including Shratiani lake, Sarichairi fields, Karagol lake, Tetrobe fields, Khikhani fortress, and Alpine botanical garden. 

How do you get to Chirukhi mountain?

The dirt road ascent to Chirukhi is not difficult to climb, even on foot. On certain days of the week, free transport runs from the village of Shubani to the Batumi bus station. To get to Chirukhi mountain, you must first cross the plain - from Mareti Gorge to Oladauri. Then, you have to go uphill to the Church of the Transfiguration, leading to the mountainside. 

What will you see?

The dark wooden houses also blend in seamlessly with the environment. The snow-white valley in winter and the smoke rising from the houses are an ideal source of inspiration for amateur photographers and artists. In summer and spring, everything here is covered in green, and in autumn, golden leaves create a spectacle.   

The alpine village inhabitants arrive in early spring and stay until late fall. At this time of the year, the sounds of animals, birds, and the hubbub of children mix, and the smell of natural village products permeate the air. Every evening, locals kindle a bonfire, gather around and make bake potatoes and corn. This ritual turns the village into one big family.

Dishes you must try

Try the dairy products prepared by the locals, such as kaimaghi, braided cheese, matsoni, borano, sinori, and others. The smell of hot homemade bread beckons you to the table.

When you arrive to Mountainous Ajara, you will feel at home in this fairy-tale world away from the daily noise of the city.

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