Church of Archangels in Labechini

Church of Archangels in Labechini

The Church of Archangels is a basilica-type temple from the XIII century, located in Zeda Chkvishi village (one of the oldest villages in Georgia) in the mountains of Racha Region.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

In the past, there was a large monastery decorated with stone carvings, reliefs, and inscriptions in the ancient Georgian script - Asomtavruli. In the XIII century, the monastery was destroyed by an earthquake. On the site of the old damaged temple, Gabriel Labechineli, the monastery abbot, built the aisleless church. 

Historians say that Labechini was one of the oldest centers of Christian culture, as it had a very rich library. Unfortunately, the monastery’s library was also damaged by the earthquake. Despite this, at the beginning of the XX century, the church kept a handwritten gospel and a letter from Gabriel Labechineli, which discussed the construction of the temple. There were also engraved icons of the Virgin Mary and Saint George in the church from the XI century. This treasure is now kept in the Shalva Amiranashvili State Museum of Art. 

A good library and education allowed the monks of the Labechini monastery to help the population with household matters too. For example, historical sources mention teaching the proper use of natural resources.

Thee Church of the Archangels in Labechini is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery of mountains, rivers, and gorges, peaceful and serene like all Racha.

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