Lagodekhi is a small piece of heaven in Kakheti with beautiful nature and illustrious history, which attracts people of all different ways of life.
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Where is Lagodekhi Located?

Lagodekhi is located 162 kilometers from Tbilisi, in Alazani Valley, on the southern slopes of the Kakheti Caucasus, and on the banks of the Lagodekhistskali River. 

Lagodekhi’s History

Human life in Lagodekhi dates back thousands of years, and was first included in the Georgian state unit of Hereti during the feudal era. Later, it was formed as an independent feudal principality, later becoming a part of the Kingdom of Kakheti, and eventually a part of the unified feudal Georgia.

Lagodekhi Reserve

In Lagodekhi, you will see fortresses, which have endured numerous battles including Kabala Fortress and Machi Fortress, as well as churches with distinguished paintings from the medieval era such as Saint Theodor Tirone Church, the Khoshatiani Mother of God Church and Tela Saint George basilica ruins. 

This is only a small part of Lagodekhi’s history though, and you can learn a lot more from the town’s museum, where artifacts from 4th century BC up until the late feudal area are preserved. 

This is the territory where the first state reserve of Georgia was established – and Lagodekhi reserve is distinguished by its nature, diverse flora and fauna, waterfalls, beautiful leafy forests and alpine lakes, wide spaces, and unforgettable views. 

Here you can find everything to complement walks and hikes in the beautiful nature. Indeed, the most popular hiking routes are  Machi Fortress, where you can schedule horse tours, Ninoskhevi and Rochi Waterfalls, and of course Black Rock Lake, which is surrounded by swamps, alpine meadows, as well as beech, oak, and birch forests. You will almost certainly see rare birds and animals here. 

Lagodekhi is famous for its sulfur mineral waters, which have healing and prophylactic characteristics.

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