Ninotsminda is a favorite nesting place for the Siberian Crane, which visit the town and its surrounds every year to breed. Here you will not see a lamppost or telephone pole without a crane's nest on it. Indeed, the nests woven into these poles, with a diameter larger than one meter, are incredibly beautiful.
Distance to the location by road from:
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Where is Ninotsminda?

The multiethnic town of Ninotsminda is located in southern Georgia, in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region, close to Khanchali Lake, on 1,940 meters above sea level. 

Most of the municipality’s territory has no forest, and is covered with mountains and meadow vegetation. Around Khanchali Lake you will find wetlands with corresponding vegetation.

Ninotsminda is distinguished by its severe climate. Specifically, winter here is cold with little snow, while summer is long and cool. The average temperature during January is 10.6C0, and in August it is 13.1C0. 

Ninotsminda’s History

Before 1991, the town was named Bogdanovka. Today it holds 6 000 citizens. 

According to archeological discoveries, people lived here during the Stone Age. In Ninotsminda, you will indeed find a lot of kurgans, ancient ruins, and Bronze Age megalithic structures. Here you will also find Abuli and Shaori cyclopean fortresses, for which impressive planning and construction techniques were applied. 

During the medieval period, culture and living conditions were well developed here as a central road from Byzantium (later Turkey) went through Ninotsminda, and on to Armenia and eastern Georgia. 

What is there to see in Ninotsminda?

From 2001 onwards, the Mother of God Nunnery has been operating in Ninotsminda, while here you can also find the Armenian Surb Sarkis Church, which was constructed in 1884. 

The town has a museum of history and a public theater, both of which are located inside the youth palace building. 

In Ninotsminda municipality, you can find amazing alpine lakes such as Saghamo, Madatapa, and Khanchali.

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