Tetritskaro is a small town, with a long and interesting history, nestled in mountains covered in mixed forests. Ten centuries ago, the village of Garisi once stood where the town stands today, and the Pirghebuli Monastery Complex is all that remains.
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The History of Tetritskaro

In the centuries since Garisi was founded, the settlement’s name has changed four times, with Tetritskaro coming to be in 1940.

There are approximately 400 historical monuments in the Tetritskaro Municipality. Some of the most interesting ones among them include the Samshvilde Settlement – one of the oldest fortified cities in Georgia, which dates back to the 4th-3rd centuries BCE; Gokhnari Lodovani – a megalithic structure from the early Bronze Age; the Pitareti Monastery Complex – a 13th-century monument, outstanding for its large number of ornaments done in stone; and the Birtvisi Fortress – the strongest extant fortified structure from the 11th century.

The most fascinating archaeological materials found in this region, comprising more than 11,000 objects, are kept at the Tetritskaro Museum of Local Lore. Here, you’ll find coin molds from the Roman Caesar from the 4th-3rd centuries BCE, establishing Georgia’s trade relations with foreign powers since time immemorial.

What Will You See in Tetritskaro?

In addition to the museum’s extensive collection of artifacts, you’ll also find plenty to entertain you within the town. A theatre has been operating in the town’s Culture & Recreation Park since the 19th century. Indeed, in December of 1837, the very first operatic performance in Georgian history was performed here!

Close to Tetritskaro, you’ll find the beautiful Lipi Lake-Reservoir, which is encircled by forests and fields. It’s the perfect place to pitch a tent or have a picnic.

When planning a trip to Tetritskaro, it is worth taking the season into account. The town’s winters are especially severe, with heavy snowfall and intense frost. In the summer, however, the town is pleasantly cool.

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