The small town of Tskaltubo, in Imereti, 7 kilometers from Kutaisi, is world-renowned for its healing waters. This unique gift of nature is called the "spring of immortality", as its radon water is used to treat various diseases.
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Legend and the truth

The Tskaltubo balneological resort, surrounded by mountains from all sides, is 120 meters above sea level. Legend has it, that a tired shepherd noticed a small puddle on the road, put his sore feet in, and felt immediate relief. The healing properties of Tskaltubo water were already acknowledged in the 7th-9th centuries. During the reign of Queen Tamar, the baths  of Tskaltubo belonged to the Royal House.

Tskaltubo Central Park

The central park of Tskaltubo, stretched over 70 hectares and had nine functioning baths supplied by underground mineral springs. The park has several attractions, including "the Spring of Beauty" fountain, amusement rides, tennis courts. The park has footpaths, bridges, beautiful alleys, evergreen and rare trees, and decorative flowerbeds.

Sights around Tskaltubo

The famous "Prometheus Cave", a beautiful cave with marvelous stalactites and stalagmites, is located nearby Tskaltubo. The Sataplia Managed Reserve, another beautiful cave, where the dinosaur footprints from different epochs were found, is nearby.

Tskaltubo is rich with historical fortresses and temples, including the Darchi medieval church, Ophshkviti and Maglaki church, and many others.

At the local Tskaltubo museum, discover more about the city and municipality. The museum has various materials on exhibit from the Paleolithic age to the late Feudal period.

The museum house of the famous Georgian author Otia Ioseliani and the small winery and brewery run by his grandson and his wife are located in the very heart of Tskaltubo. Book your visit at Otia’s Ezo to experience the local hospitality paired with natural wine and beer!

Organize individual tours with different activities if you want to see many eclectic things. For example, visit the Tskaltubo agricultural market, and buy natural products produced by local farmers or freshly baked Georgian bread straight out of the oven; take a nice walk around the lake near the city to enjoy nature and have a coffee in a lakeside cafe.

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