There are 20 border checkpoints in different parts of Georgia, and you need a passport or ID to pass through. 

There are three customs points in Ajara: Sarpi - an automobile customs checkpoint, Batumi Port and Batumi Airport. All three receive a flow of passengers. There are also customs offices in Poti port. Senaki and Kutaisi customs points operate at the local airports.

Border crossings are most common from Tbilisi International Airport. A large flow of tourists also enters from the Kazbegi checkpoint. From the Akhalkalaki side, it is possible to enter Georgia through Kartsakhi and Kartsakhi-Akhalkalaki customs points. 

The Ninotsminda customs checkpoint is in Sameba village territory in Ninotsminda municipality, and in Adigeni, there is the Vale checkpoint. In Kakheti, there are two checkpoints, Samtatskaro and Lagodekhi in Dedoplistskaro and Lagodekhi municipalities. 

Guguti customs offices are in Dmanisi and Akhkerpi customs offices in Marneuli. In Marneuli, the Sadakhlo (motorway) and railway customs are functioning.

There are also custom points of Red Bridge, as well as Mtkvari and Gardabani customs in the Kvemo Kartli Region.

Enter Georgian territory through all listed checkpoints. Tourists who plan to travel to Georgia with an animal, with a certain amount of cash, those who have specific medication, who plan to import a special item, or who need to transport cargo, should review the Georgian Revenue Service’s procedures at https://www.rs.ge to simplify their customs clearance procedure.

Tax-Free and Duty-Free services are available. For Tax-Free, apply with a customs officer and submit the relevant document. Zones corresponding to Duty-Free are arranged at Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kutaisi airports, as well as at Red Bridge, Vale, Sarpi, Kartsakhi, and Kazbegi customs checkpoints.

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