Contemporary Dance and Experimental Art Festival

Georgia is a country of a diverse culture, where ancient and modern history are wonderfully juxtaposed. As an example, Georgia is the birthplace of George Balanchine, the founder of American classical ballet, but it is also a place where modern dance and performance art are both very much in vogue.

What to Know about the Contemporary Dance and Experimental Art Festival

The South Caucasus Contemporary Dance and Experimental Art Festival is held every year in Tbilisi at the beginning of June.

Throughout the week, dance troupes from all three countries of the South Caucasus region – Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan – appear on the festival stage. European choreographers and their companies also come to participate in the festival, including Angelin Preljocaj’s troupe (Switzerland), Jérôme Bel (France), the modern dance troupe Vertigo (Israel), Nicolas Cantillon and Laurence Yadi’s troupe Compagnie 7273 (Switzerland), and many other well-known troupes.

During the festival, there are masterclasses in choreography and modern dance, along with lectures and discussions.

Where is the Contemporary Dance and Experimental Art Festival Held?

The Contemporary Dance and Experimental Art Festival performances are hosted at the Royal District Theatre, the choreography masterclasses are given at the Vakhtang Chabukiani Ballet Art School, and the meetings are hosted at the European House.

The festival’s schedule is not set in stone – the first performances and masterclasses are held in June. Still for those who love modern dance, the festival continues all year with various performances.

If modern and/or experimental dance is an interest of yours, this festival is an outstanding opportunity to not only see the South Caucasus’ take on the art form, but also to engage with the art on a more intimate level through the mixture of performance and educational presentations.

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