Crowne Plaza Borjomi

Crowne Plaza Borjomi

If you’re looking for a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Borjomi’s combination of immense natural beauty and resort facilities is the perfect fit. The Crowne Plaza Borjomi is the excellent base for your visit to the picturesque mountain town, providing all of the modern conveniences one would expect from a renowned luxury brand.

Where is Crowne Plaza Borjomi Located?

Crowne Plaza Borjomi is located in the heart of Borjomi, one of the most famous Georgian resort destinations. Nestled between the mountains and close to the popular Borjomi Park, its presence on the banks of the river lends it a serene charm.

What does Crowne Plaza Borjomi have to offer? 

Capable of accommodating up to one hundred guests, the Crowne Plaza Borjomi prides itself on providing everything its guests might need for a memorable vacation. An on-site 2,400 square meter rejuvenation center and spa, conference rooms, two restaurants, a wine bar, a spacious lobby, and a swinging lounge club are all available to guests.

Located just a few minutes walk from Borjomi Park, the hotel is the perfect place from which to launch your exploration of the quaint town. 

The Crowne Plaza also offers long-term vacation rentals for winter or summer, so you needn’t limit your trip to a short stay!

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