Dali Mountain Reservoir

Dali Mountain Reservoir

The landscapes of Georgia are exceptional in their diversity. This is a country full of vistas! Dali Mountain and Dali Lake are one of those picturesque places.

What Makes Dali Mountain Reservoir Special?

This lake reservoir is fed both by the Iori River and seasonal rainfall. While it was originally constructed for land reclamation, it has become a popular destination for fishing and picnicking. With no inhabited places or industrial sites near the lake, its waters are pristine.

On the banks of the river is a fishery called Dali Mountain, which has three cottages. The owners will also provide amateur fishers with hooks and boats. 

The Fauna of Dali Mountain

In Dali Mountain Lake, you will find grass carp, silver carp, scaly carp, khramuli, common carp, catfish, barbel, Mtkvari barbel, and crucian carp. Fishing is not permitted in the lake from May to August, as this is the spawning season.

There are also three species of amphibians, 31 species of reptiles, and 25 mammal species living in and around the reservoir, including coypu, raccoons, wolves, jackals, foxes, wild pigs, and rabbits.

One hundred thirty-two species of birds live here too, including partridges, pheasants, gadwalls, mallards, quails, moorhens, Eurasian woodcocks, wild pigeons, and more. Those interested in bird-watching should spend a night in the region.


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