Datvi Lake – A Natural Monument in Okatse Canyon

Datvi Lake – A Natural Monument in Okatse Canyon

Reaching Datvi Lake requires a challenging hike, but rewards those who make the journey with a breathtaking view of the picturesque canyon lake and the towering cliffs that surround it.

How to Get to Datvi Lake

Datvi Lake is located just 24 kilometres from the city of Kutaisi, although the village of Gordi (Khoni Municipality) will be where your hike begins. 

The lake itself lies in the nearby Okatse Canyon, requiring visitors to take a moss-covered cliffside trail in order to reach it. Along the way, you’ll pass through a natural stone door known to locals as the ‘bear’s den’, before a steep descent brings you to your destination.

This is not a hike for the faint of heart or the ill-equipped - we recommend all visitors bring hiking equipment and acquire the services of a local guide before attempting the trail.

What Makes Lake Datvi Special?

Once you have completed the arduous hike, your first glimpse of Lake Datvi is sure to wash away all of the tiredness you might be feeling. Surrounded by mossy boulders and primordial forest, the lake is hemmed in on all sides by the towering canyon walls, with the cerulean sky overhead acting as the ‘roof’ to this serene scene.

Lake Datvi’s quiet, meditative beauty is worth a thousand words, but usually, visitors actually enjoy its silence.

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