David Kldiashvili’s House Museum

David Kldiashvili’s House Museum

David Kldiashvili (1862-1931) was a military officer who participated in the WWI on the Ottoman front, a co-manager of Chiatura’s coal industry, and a deeply intelligent writer and playwright. His writing described the lives of impoverished nobles living in Imereti with the lightest of touches. His fascinating life can be explored in more detail in the David Kldiashvili House Museum in the village of Simoneti, Imereti.

The writer’s first translations were printed in an 1885 edition of the magazine Theater, and his first collection of short stories was published in 1901. A two-volume collection of selected stories was published several years before his death. Several of his stories have been brought to life on the stages of Georgian theatres, and have enjoyed great success both at home and abroad.

The house museum itself was opened in 1945. Surrounded by trees, the five-room traditional Imeretian house stands atop a small hill and boasts a spacious yard. Here, you’ll find David Kldiashvili’s manuscripts, photographic and documentary materials from his life, the furniture, dishes, and clothes he used, and the bed in which he spent his last days.

Open from 10:00 to 17:00 every Tuesday through Sunday, the museum is a window into the mind of one of Georgia’s greatest literary minds. 

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