Dedoplistskaro Museum of Local Lore

Dedoplistskaro Town in Kakheti Region has a long and fascinating history. The name of the place means “Queen’s spring” in Georgian. According to legend, Georgia’s favourite Queen Tamar, drank the water from the spring and liked it so much that she ordered the water to be piped to Khornabuji Fortress. A museum of local lore was opened in the city in 1975, and today houses more than 12,000 unique objects depicting the long history of the region.

What Will You See at Dedoplistskaro Museum of Local Lore?

Within the museum, you’ll find clay and bronze objects from the 6th century BCE to the 18th century CE, silver and gold Sassanian coins from the 6th century, and Georgian coins unearthed during archaeological digs in the area. 

In the ethnographic hall, you’ll see beautiful, hand-woven carpets, saddlebags, and royal runners; gold-embroidered, woven saddle cloths to cover a horse’s cargo; everyday objects; and paintings from 20th-century Georgian artists.

The Archaeological Institutes of Berlin and Halle are partner organizations of the museum.

The museum is located at Tskhra Dzma (Nine Brother) Street 10 in Dedoplistkaro Town.

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