Entertainment in Georgia Country

Entertainment in Georgia Country

Welcome to Georgia, where the rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality blend perfectly to create a unique and unforgettable experience for every visitor.
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Welcome to Georgia, where the rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality blend perfectly to create a unique and unforgettable experience for every visitor. On top of that, the country is host to a mouthwatering diversity of entertainment, including world-class music concerts, eco festivals, jazz, traditional arts and much more. Here, we provide you with a flavor of some of the highlights of Georgia’s entertainment calendar, all of which will fascinate and charm you in their own special ways.

Black Sea Arena - Spectacular Events by the Seaside

Black Sea Arena is located around Shekvetili on western Georgia’s glittering coastline. It is a modern architectural masterpiece, and already among the country’s greatest concert halls where both international and local artists perform to thousands of adoring fans. In 2024, world-renowned music acts such as Scorpions, One Republic, Massive Attack, and Jungle will all take to the stage at Black Sea Arena.

Tbilisi Open Air

One of Georgia’s most popular modern music festivals, Tbilisi Open Air brings a stylish wave of contemporary music artists to the country’s vibrant capital city. This annual event, which has been running successfully for well over a decade already, takes inspiration from some of the globe’s most loved music festivals. It embraces freedom and creativity, and attracts a multicultural audience whose interests range from rock to electronic and everything in between. The festival’s coveted stages are erected on the scenic outskirts of Tbilisi near the serene Lisi Lake, hosting a delightful mix of international headliners and fresh up-and-coming local talent. This three-day event is always eagerly anticipated, representing a union of music, technology, and art, while enshrining both vibrancy and innovation. Indeed, Tbilisi Open Air is more than a festival; it is a cultural phenomenon whose heart beats to the spirit and progressiveness of Georgia’s youthful modern music scene.

eZo Festival 2024 – A Rendezvous with Nature

eZo festival is a rich combination of music, wellness, and environmental consciousness, situated in an idyllic natural landscape. Here, guests enjoy various kinds of musical performances, while the festival also promotes wellness activities such as yoga and meditation classes. At the same time, a series of workshops on environmental issues are put on to entertain and educate festival-goers. As a result, eZo Festival is the perfect occasion for anyone itching to break free from their daily routine and ease into a zone of pure peace and serenity. At this festival, like many others in Georgia, it’s not only about entertainment but also fostering a deeper connection with nature.

4GB – A Paradise for Electronic Music Enthusiasts

The 4GB Festival, which is held annually at a location kept secret until the very last moment, is a glorious celebration of electronic music. The festival is dedicated to the memory of Giorgi Bakanidze, a Georgian DJ whose reputation had spread all around the world by the time he sadly passed away. On that emotional note, festival-goers honor his life by reveling in a night of beats, lights, and dancing in an unexpected corner of Georgia.

note: 2024 festival postponed to next year

ART-GENE FEST 2024 - Celebration of Georgian Heritage 

The richness of Georgian culture is always on full display during ART-GENE FEST, one of the country’s major festivals of traditional music and dancing, crafts, and gastronomy. Indeed, the event celebrates the diverse regions of Georgia in the sprawling and wonderfully green grounds of Tbilisi’s Ethnographic Museum.

17th Black Sea Jazz Festival - Symphony by the Sea

The Black Sea Jazz Festival is always eagerly anticipated, and its 17th edition is no different. This annual event continues to enhance Georgia's position on the international jazz map. Staged in the wonderful coastal city of Batumi, here the soulful sounds of jazz merge perfectly with the sea air and the trickling or crashing waves. Both the setting and the dazzling talents performing create an unforgettable atmosphere for both newcomers and seasoned jazz lovers.

Tbilisi Jazz Festival - A Celebration of Jazz in the Heart of Georgia

The Tbilisi Jazz Festival is another highlight of many in Georgia’s cultural calendar, attracting jazz enthusiasts from all around the globe to this historic capital city. Firmly established as the beacon of jazz in the South Caucasus, this festival has a storied past, hosting some of the biggest names in jazz as well as showcasing emerging talents from the local scene and beyond.

Tbilisoba - The Spirit of Tbilisi

Tbilisoba is an annual festival showcasing the essence of Tbilisi's multicultural past and vibrant present. For a weekend in early October, the streets of the capital are awash with music, dances, and the alluring aroma of mtsvadi (pork barbecued in a uniquely Georgian style). It’s the perfect occasion to truly feel the city’s soul, meet Georgians from all around the country, and engage in festivities that celebrate the enduring spirit of Tbilisi.

Zero Compromise Festival - Showcasing Georgian Wine

Held by the Natural Wine Association every spring, this festival provides the ideal platform for natural winemakers across the country to share their unique wines. From independent family businesses to larger wineries to churches, all sorts of characters and their wines can be encountered at this always colorful and well-attended affair.

Whether you’re a music aficionado, a lover of culture, or a foodie, Georgia has something exciting and memorable to offer. All festivals and similar events in Georgia open the door to an exhilarating journey into the innermost secrets of this extraordinary country.

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