Etchmiadzin Church

Etchmiadzin Church

Tbilisi is a city with an ancient culture where the traces of many confessions are constantly present. In one of Tbilisi’s most captivating places, near Ketevan Tsamebuli Square, stands Etchmiadzin Church, also known as Saint Sargis Church.

The Historical Past of Etchmiadzin Church

This Armenian Gregorian church, built in the style of medieval Georgian and Armenian churches, overlooks Narikala Fortress. From here you can enjoy a view of Ketevan Tsamebuli Square, the ancient baths, the Park of Mtatsminda, the TV Tower and the funicular.

The Architecture of Etchmiadzin Church

This church, built of brick between 1806 and 1808, is named for the Armenian refugees from Etchmiadzin. At first the place of worship was of a hall type, but in 1846 the building was expanded and converted into an “inscribed cross” style church.

The main dome of the church is supported by four round pillars. The layers of the building’s exterior are brought out in brick and make for a strikingly beautiful façade. The interior is plaster, which was painted with frescoes in the second half of the 19th century.

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