Etseri – Meziri Lake – Mazeri Village

Around 2,285 meters above sea level, on the border of Becho and Etseri communities, you will find Meziri Mountain, which has been considered a saintly mountain since ancient times. Indeed, you can still find Meziri Archangel Church from the 11th century here. According to legend, monks’ cells were located next to the church. Indeed, the monks living in this area were irked by a lack of water, so they prayed and God listened, as He made a lake in the vicinity, called Meziri Lake.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Road to Meziri Lake and Mazeri Village

The best time of year to take this trip is summer, September, or early October. Make sure you wear comfortable hiking shoes, and also take warm clothes and a raincoat to be prepared for all conditions. 

The route starts in Etseri community, in the village of Iskari, after which you will bypass several villages and head to Bakhi Mountain Pass. From the pass, you will hike through alpine meadows, walk through the forest, and reach Meziri Archangel Church. 

Meziri Lake is 15-20 meters away from this location. The mirror-like surface of the lake reflects the mountains and sky, and here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Ushba, Laila, and Tetnuldi Mountains. 

After admiring this beauty, take the path towards the forest, pass through the village of Tviberi and finish the hike in the village of Mazeri.

Important Information

According to the local beliefs, swimming in the lake is prohibited, as well as causing any type of pollution. It is said that even throwing a stone into the lake would upset God and the weather would take an abrupt turn as a result.

The name of Meziri Mountain, where the lake is located, originates from the word “Limziri,” meaning prayer, while the word “Memziri” means worshipper. Old Svan chants such as “Lile” and “Barbaldolashi” are also related to this holy mountain.

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