"Experimentorium" - Museum of Entertaining Science

"Experimentorium" - Museum of Entertaining Science

"Experimentorium" is the fun science museum located behind the Georgian Parliament, where truly amazing adventures awaits children and their parents.

What will you see in “Experimentorium”?

"Experimentorium" was founded in 2016, and its exhibits help little visitors to understand the complex laws of physics, mathematics, biology, anatomy, and chemistry.

Here, you are made to feel like a real scientist, as you can measure the power of a scream, charge a ball with your own energy, sit on a chair of nails, lift a friend in the air, and feel like a rock star.

In "Experimentorium" you will never hear the phrases: "Behave!" "Don't shout!" or "Be quiet" as kids are encouraged to immerse themselves in this educational wonderland.

Moreover, the museum's interactive exhibition space and activities allow parents and children to learn together.

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