“Skijis Sakhli”

“Skijis Sakhli”

“Skijis Sakhli” is located in Khidistavi Village of Guria Region. The word “Skiji” means dried grapes in old Georgian. Its founder moved to her ancestral region from Tbilisi in order to produce dried fruits, and named the place accordingly. This was followed by other ideas and today “Skijis Sakhli” displays all of Guria.

What does “Skiji House” offer?

The house is a two-story, family-type hotel with an authentic and comfortable interior, beautiful balconies, impressive views, and with traditional Guria-style yard. 

This house is in Gubazouli River Valley, and the travelers who just visited resort Gomismta and Bakhmaro resorts can rest here, enjoy Guria dishes and continue their trip.

But those who decide to stay here overnight will enjoy culinary masterclasses hosted by the lovely host, Daka. Depending on the season, you will have a chance to cook Mchadi (Cornbread), Khachapuri, and Gurian Pie on an open fire and clay plate. You will also have the chance to prepare hazelnut sauce, grape pudding pelamushi, janjukhi - a treat based on condensed grape juice, corn flour and nuts, and even vodka. 

This is not an ordinary accommodation - it is a family stay, and every visitor participates in household processes. 

You can also enjoy horseback riding in the village, or chill by the Churistkali River during the hot summer.

From Kutaisi and Batumi airports, it takes about 60-80 minutes to travel to the “Skijis Sakhli”

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