Gomismta (Gomi Mountain) is a climatic resort that occupies one of the most prominent places on the list of resorts in the Guria Region. It is 33 km from Ozurgeti city, at 2,100-2,755 meters above sea level. Gomismta is also called the "Resort in Clouds".

Nature at Gomismta

From the foot of the mountain, you can see the beautiful Colchic landscape unfold in front of your eyes. The resort is rich in mineral springs and is surrounded by coniferous forest from the southwest, and alpine meadows from the northeast.

Summer on Gomismta is moderately cool with an average air temperature of +16°C; In winter, there is abundant snow, and the air temperature drops to -5°C; So no matter the time of the year, pack some warm clothes.

Worldwide Famous Sights

No matter what season you visit Gomismta, it’s always cloudy. You would think the higher you go, the worse the weather gets, but this is not true. Gomismta’s secret is that the clouds don’t float above it, but below it.

From above, there’s a blanket of clouds and the trunks of centuries-old trees. The sun is so big, round, and red, it’s hard to believe you are not looking at the painting. You have probably come across some pictures of this view in prints and online publications.

In clear weather, you can see the Black Sea with the naked eye. Don't miss the sunrise and sunset from Gomismta in winter or summer.

Healing at Gomismta

In the past, shepherds used Gomismta as a summer pasture for cattle. In 1902, only 20 houses were standing on the mountain, although, even then, residents were aware of the health benefits of the Gomismta air.

The air in Gomismta is created by mixing mountain and sea air, proven to treat chronic and dry bronchitis, chronic tuberculosis, rickets, mild forms of asthma, and dozens of other illnesses. Due to this, the climatic resort has an abundance of vacationers from June to September.

Hiking and Camping

Gomistmta is a popular tourist destination for its wonderful hiking routes. The Chinchao volcanic lake is 12 km away; Kintrishi natural reserve is 20 km; the Bakhmaro resort is 25 km and the Meriyakeli resort is 23 km away.

Wooden country houses are all over the resort, however, many people prefer to sleep in tents. Spend the night out in the open air with the stars so close you feel like you can touch them.

Gomismta in Winter

Gomismta receives up to 3 meters of snow in the winter, attracting extreme sports lovers.

Reach the mountain by road and then walk another 9-10 km. You may have to cut through ungroomed snow. There are no permanent residents in Gomismta and the homeowners come to the resort only in summer and early fall. 

Note that the trails are not marked, so hire a guide, ask locals for help, and use GPS for safe navigation.

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